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09 Nov 2020

Thank you H.E.S

I've always been worried about my old boiler, especially when I think about paying thousands for a new one but HES did wonders from the fitting to not breaking my bank.

06 Nov 2020

Thanks Home Efficiency Surveys.

The process of replacing my old boiler was so quick and amazing when HES knocked on my door and a gentleman explained that I could have a visit from a surveyor to see how they could help me..few days later my boiler was installed and I couldn't be happier and satisfied with the customer service,I saved a lot of money. Thanks.

04 Nov 2020

Platinum Package.

We got our platinum package deal installed three weeks ago and all I can say is that I am very impressed with the whole process. We did not have to lift a finger. The advisor arranged everything for us and even taught us how to work the app on our phones so we can turn the system on and off whenever we want. HES also replaced two of our radiators as the previous ones were constantly leaking. All of this came with a 10-year guarantee with our platinum package, so we have complete peace of mind. Delighted.Thank.

03 Nov 2020

Couldn’t be happier. Thanks!

Couldn’t be happier. Saving £62 a month with my new boiler. Couldn’t be happier.

29 Oct 2020

Very happy! with HES

I had my boiler fitted yesterday and I’m really happy. I never imagined I could replace my boiler without paying thousands of pounds but HES recommended a efficient way to do that. Usually quite suspicious of cold callers but I’m so glad I answered my door last Thursday. Zanussi who carried out my install were fantastic.

28 Oct 2020

Great Service! From start to finish.

Great Service from start to finish. The thing that really resonates with me was the efficiency of the process and the help I received. The engineers that did my install couldn’t have been nicer. Explained everything about my new boiler and how to use my controller and app. (I’m a bit of a dinosaur with these things) Fully recommend for anyone with a old heating system.

27 Oct 2020

Thank you H.E.S.

I’ve had a brand new A rated boiler fitted and saved money doing so. Zanussi were fantastic installing it but I must give special thanks to the conduct of the staff at HES. Thank you.

27 Oct 2020

Thanks! Home Efficiency Surveys.

I’m amazed at how quick the process was for me replacing my old rusty boiler. HES knocked on my door & the young gentleman explained that I could have a visit from a surveyor to see how they could help me. 3 days later and I’m all sorted and I’ve saved money on my energy bills. Be Thanks.

25 Oct 2020

Big thanks!

Big thanks to Dave who knocked my door here in Northampton regarding my boiler upgrade. The whole thing was done in 4 days. I thought I would have struggled to have it done before Xmas but how wrong was I. The engineers were really helpful in explaining things and put my wife at ease as she panics about anything changing in our home. Had a quality control chap from the central heating team come after the install was done and he checked the install was done to the highest standard. No hesitation to recommending the process to my family and friends.

23 Oct 2020

Thanks to HES

Thanks to HES calling at my door I have a new boiler and my heating system upgraded before the cold weather really kicks in. Actually they have helped 3 other homes in my small street and my neighbors are all really pleased.

21 Oct 2020

Thanks, Home Efficiency Surveys.

Can’t recommend HES enough. Replaced my boiler and I’ve benefited a lot financially on my monthly outgoings with my energy bills.

20 Oct 2020

Thanks, HES. Fully professional service.

Thanks to Connor at HES for the advice on replacing my old 17 year old boiler. Lovely chap who knocked my door and explained some options and organised for a surveyor to come out and discuss those options. All done within 4 days. Delighted with the overall experience.

6 Oct 2020

Fully satisfied, Thanks Again.

Really satisfied with my boiler. Home Efficiency Surveys were really great, all they needed was some very basic information that enabled me to be eligible for a brand new boiler that has since been installed and has reduced my monthly bill by £20. Special thanks to Sammy!

8 Sep 2020

Five Star Service

My husband and I had been looking into buying a new boiler the last few weeks as our old one was getting on a bit, to say the least! As if by fate, a very helpful young chap called at our door and was able to arrange an appointment with an advisor for us. The advisor came to see us and after chatting about our system, we agreed that it was definitely time for us to replace our boiler. We were then offered a completely free brand new boiler that along with our new energy bill would save us £180 a year. We thought it was too good to be true, but we had our son who is an engineer, to look into it all for us and we were delighted to find that everything was above board. We received a call after meeting with our advisor to arrange when we could have our new boiler fitted, and within a few days we had our fit. The chaps who came out to carry out the work did a very good job and even cleaned up after themselves! It is not often we give such high praise regarding having work done around the house, but we have had our new boiler for over a month now and we have been delighted with the service HES have provided from start to finish. Many thanks, Marge & Richard

8 Sep 2020

Thanks Home Efficiency Surveys.

I can’t speak highly enough of Home Efficiency Surveys. They were really helpful in getting me sorted with my new boiler. The girl I dealt with was excellent from start to finish. I also saved a little on my energy bills which just seem to go up all the time. Thanks again.

7 Sep 2020

Start to finish great job.

Saved money and got a brand new boiler and my monthly costs are reduced also. The install company had to move my install as the engineers wife went into labour 1 hour into the install but they had another engineer there first thing the next morning and the communication was great. I really can’t complain about anything from start to finish. Hope the engineer Gary’s wife and baby are all good.

2 Sep 2020

Brilliantly Done!

Home Efficiency Surveys I can’t thank you enough. Brilliant advice from start to finish. New boiler, clean system & all the fancy stuff that comes with a new boiler. Thanks again guys.

2 Sep 2020

Just had my new heating system fitted…

Just had my new heating system fitted today. HES advised me on how I could get a new boiler without it costing me any money up front and to be honest that’s exactly how it’s worked out. I’ve also reduced my monthly outgoings as they managed to get me a excellent energy spend. Zanussi boilers carried out the install and have been excellent to deal with as well.

1 Sep 2020

Great job! done by HES

Just had my new Zanussi boiler fitted. A lovely guy Dave knocked my door to explain that I could have a survey done to help replace my boiler and it ended up great for me. I also saved some money while doing it.

28 Aug 2020

Excellent work.

I hadn’t heard of HES before last Thursday but now I have a new boiler and I’ve had my system upgraded. Excellent work & Brian who fitted my boiler was excellent.

27 Aug 2020

Completely Professional Service.

I’ve had my boiler upgraded today and have saved some money at the same time. The engineer from the central heating team was really nice and gave a lot of good advice to me also.

26 Aug 2020

Fantastically Done!

Had my boiler upgraded as a result of HES advising me about the options I had. I’m going to be honest I could never have afforded that process if they hadn’t showed me the best way to do it. Zanussi were fantastic to deal with also on the install side.

25 Aug 2020

Great service!

Great service from start to finish from HES. Took less than a 5 days to have my new boiler installed and saved me hundreds of pounds, would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their boiler save money on their energy bills.

24 Aug 2020

Thanks Home Efficiency Surveys

HES helped me get my boiler changed within 3 days. My boiler was broken and I couldn’t afford to pay for one. But now I have a new boiler and everything that comes with it and 10 years full warranty. Thanks again Samantha for all your help.

19 Aug 2020

HES are completely professional

HES are completely professional. They asked just a few questions before execution. Luckily I meet their criteria to get the boiler up-gradations at no extra monthly cost than I currently spend. Now I am very pleased with the efficiency of the boiler. Thank you Home Efficiency Surveys.

18 Aug 2020

Home Efficiency Surveys are excellent

Home Efficiency Surveys are excellent! They have replaced my boiler within a short span. First, they provided me lots of option but I have gone for boiler replacement as it is in full finance so I need not worry about payments immediately anymore. Thanks HES.

15 Aug 2020

Home Efficiency Surveys helped advise…

Home Efficiency Surveys helped advise me and set up for a Zanussi surveyor to come to my house to look at the best way to replace my old boiler. The surveyor gave me a few options and the one I chose was a no brainer. It cost me nothing up front and actually saved me money on a monthly basis. Cant reccomend them enough to be honest. lovely girl I dealt with on phone also. I think her name was Samantha. Phil the engineer was a gem of a guy as well.

12 Aug 2020

HES visited my property to recommend…

HES visited my property to recommend some heating efficiency upgrades to my property. The surveyor was a lovely guy and explained everything very well. I’ve had my boiler upgraded without any up front cost & it’s now costing me less money than I was previously paying for my old system on a monthly basis. The install was done within 3 days. Happy chappy. Thanks again

12 Aug 2020

Excellent services

Excellent services, Highly recommended

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